The Old continent styled kitchen cabinets

Old World Europe is the call. It could be one of the smallest of all continents, but the impact of this land on other issues. He gave so much inspiration and knowledge of people in many areas of human work - art, politics, economy and education and also the design field. The style of European influence, even in the kitchen design and kitchen furniture.

European Kitchen Cabinets

* The European style is a blend of contemporary and industrial. The design is not only very modern but has many elements of technology in it. The influence is seen in contemporary minimalism and the transition to the role.
* The elements of this style is very similar to the style of contemporaries such as flat surfaces. This style is designed to look light and airy as well.
* European kitchen cabinets features focus on more feasible. The important thing here is the efficient use of space. Therefore, the cupboards have the system tray, the windows of extraction, and pantry units.
* The functionality of the box also comes with some technological elements such as interior lights or safety locking system. For cabinets, the most important thing here is to not waste space and use every inch of the kitchen.
* The materials used in this style are mostly plastic, metal, concrete and glass. These materials are very durable and easy to clean. But the European style also uses natural materials like stone or wood.
* The color palette is the dominant light. Man made materials are white, gray, blue. And the colors of nature are mostly lighter shades of wood.

The cabinets of Europe can be used for cooking but also for the camera. If you have the floor of the kitchen to the dining room or living room, you must ensure that the full cabinet design of the room as others. The European style is basically very simple, matte and glossy with a clean look to all that would conflict with the color scheme.

Positive European-style cabinetry is that when it is made of synthetic material that looks very modern and light wood when a traditional flavor. So if you are a person looking for the functionality, you can choose kitchen furniture design of the old continent and always in style at the same time.